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Relationship Fixed.

I help parents create harmony and passion that stays.


“His techniques and approaches in helping my husband and I move forward and find healthy ways to communicate and compromise are invaluable. Jason also has a great sense of humor and is very easy to chat with. He saved our family and now we model a healthy relationship for our kids.”
- Merrie A.


I help you two spend more time in Connection


Less time in Disconnection


And know how to get back to Harmony

Focusing on Your Relationship with your partner.

Is the best things we can do for our ourselves and family.



What keeps you two stuck?

I help couples understand what's underneath your patterns that create disharmony, and give you two tools so you can avoid it. 

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Know how to repair and move back into Harmony

There are several ways to repair to move back into harmony. I help couples understand effective ways to do so and to create agreements for implementation. 

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Maintain Harmony, Connection and Passion.

On of my favorite quotes from my mentor Terry Real is, "Intimacy is not something we have, but something we do."

When couples focus on taking the time to connect via date nights, emotional and physical connection, the relationship feels better and so we're more effective parents, bosses, and employees. We also model this health for our kids.

Couples researcher John Gottman says, "Working briefly on your marriage every day will do more for your health and longevity than working out at a healthy club." 

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Our Mission

Connection heals. When parents have a strong relationship, we teach our kids how to have one. When our relationship is strong, we feel better and live longer.

"The highest safeguard for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the child is not primarily the attention paid to the child but the unrestricted love of the parents for each other."
Henry Nouwen 

What others say about us

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“Jason is the Relationship Whisperer!”

“Without Jason's help, we wouldn't be togehter anymore. Period. I have no doubt about that.
We've seen other counselors, without success. With Jason's help we now navigate tough times & disagreements by taking a deep breath instead of blowing things up.
For any couple that really wants to save & improve your relationship, call Jason. Today.”  
- Brian

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“Saved our relationship”

“My partner and I had a great experience going to Jason. We were on the verge of splitting up, and he helped us work through the issues we were having. He helped us understand our styles and personalities, and what we both needed to be happy in the relationship. I also didn’t feel like he took sides – he gave us both opportunities to speak. I highly recommend Jason – he is super chill, kind, and easy to talk to!”  - Caroline B.

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“Learned so much!”

“Jason is highly trained in cutting-edge methods to guide couples who are struggling to keep their relationship together. Both of us were equally comfortable with his ability to listen to each of us with sensitivity. We were fortunate to find him at just the right time”  - Veronica


Our Podcast

Healthy Relationship Secrets For Parents: Saving Your Relationship From Parenthood. 

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